Advanced Wastewater

Packaged Treatment Plants

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems

Introducing the CWS-MBBR

This Packaged Treatment Plant uses Moving Bed BioReactor (MBBR) technology to provide septic treatment that meets or exceeds all Provincial and State environmental standards.

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 40 Class1
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 245

Cost Effective

Built for Septic Contractors to provide economical and reliable waste management equipment for your customers.

Environmentally Friendly

Cleaner, Clearer Odourless Discharge.

Easy Installation

All in one BioReactor installs easily in Fibreglass, Concrete or Polyethylene septic tanks.

Simple Maintenance

No Moving Mechanical Parts or Filters. The most common disadvantages of other systems have been eliminated.


Ideally Suited For Residential or Medium Commercial Applications

CWS-MBBR500 - 500 US Gallons per day

CWS-MBBR600 - 600 US Gallons per day

CWS-MBBR800 - 800 US Gallons per day

CWS-MBBR1000 - 1,000 US Gallons per day

CWS-MBBR1500 - 1,500 US Gallons per day

How It Works

The CWS-MBBR WasteWater Treatment System will enhance your septic system. The end result is a safer cleaner environment.

Septic tanks work by using bacteria provided by nature to break down waste. When you pump air into the waste, the bacteria grows and thrives in much larger amounts. The overpopulation of bacteria speeds up the process of breaking down domestic wastewater. The result of this process is a cleaner, clearer, discharge.

WasteWater Process

Wastewater from the home enters a settling tank. Debris and solids settle to the bottom of the tank.

The effluent from the settling tank enters the CWS-MBBR. A colony of bacteria develops in this oxygen rich environment.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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